COVID-19 told through football

Since the confinement for COVID-19 began in Spain, on March 14th 2020, every weekend I wrote an article about the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus crisis, seasoned with football anecdotes to make it more appetizing for football fans. These articles satisfied a need, both for the writer and the reader, to know what was happening and what was going to happen. Most of the content on COVID-19 is based on scientific articles that I have read and filtered, drawing on my 25 years of experience as a biomedical researcher.

In the seventh week, I tried to come off the field but the magic sponge ensured my return. The twelfth week came and I threw myself to the ground exaggerating the pain to exit a match which has exhausted each and every one of us. What follows is a historical, scientific, and footballing account of three months of confinement no one could have ever predicted.

These 12 Coronavirus articles (here further divided into 30) have been a floating board during the COVID-19 tsunami. They motivated me to read scientific publications on a new and exciting topic, they forced me to practise the pleasure of writing, they made me smile when I found analogies and anecdotes in the world of football, and they have kept me in touch with very dear friends, who read them and commented.


FOREWORD I. Carlos Pedrós-Alió (scientist)

FOREWORD II. Ibrahim Afellay (footballer)