COVID-19 told thought football (III): ¿A different coronavirus over here?

Some people said that European coronavirus is different from the Chinese. It is not true. The virus is the same, what happens is that viruses make mistake while copying its genetic material. These mistakes are changes of one nucleotide (A, T / U, C, or G) for another. Changes from one “letter” to another are known as mutations. Some of these mutations may be advantageous for the virus, and some may not. Advantageous or neutral mutations for the virus will remain. The negatives will tend to disappear. This idea is in accordance with Darwin’s theory of evolution. A theory that also works in soccer. If a team changes three players from one season to another, those players will stay if they improve the roster. If they are not good enough they will leave.

The actual Barcelona has Griezmann instead of Neymar. Is it another Barça, or is it the same? Many years would have to pass before Barça will be not recognizable and considered something else. In biology, the same process occurs. However, bacteria and viruses reproduce very quickly, they sign new nucleotides incessantly, and scientists are driven crazy to determine when they are no longer the same species, and when they are different. The day that Messi, Busquets, and Piqué retire, then the change would be so important as to say that Barça is another Barça, different from the one that won the Champions League in London and Rome. For now, the SARS-Cov-2 virus has changed, but not so much to say that it is different from the Chinese.

barcelona 2011-2020

Although the present coronavirus may carry some different nucleotides, as a whole it is still a virus with a great capacity of score goals —in terms of the ability to infect—, approximately three times more than the flu virus. Another drawback is that since SARS-Cov-2 score a goal (the day it infects you) until the VAR considers it good (the day symptoms appear), it can take up to fourteen days —although normally takes five—, and still VAR does not act in most goals (people who have the virus, but are asymptomatic).